Finding the Right Accommodation in Koh Samui

When it comes to spending a dreamy holiday on an exotic beach paradise, Koh Samui is one of our top choices. This beautiful island fascinates travellers with its vibrant culture, authentic Thai ambiance, unique sceneries and a wide range of entertainment possibilities. But a perfect holiday depends on finding the right accommodation offer, one that respects both our comfort and budget requirements. Luckily for us, Samui is one of the most affordable tropical islands in the world. Here, we find an endless array of accommodation offers for all budget types.

One of the key qualities of Koh Samui is that it blends so beautifully the unspoiled natural décor with the extravagance of its luxury accommodation units designed to impress visitors from all across the world, no matter how much they intend to spend. The island is famous for its opulent 5 stars hotels, elegant resorts, villas, apartments and condos. While some of these are intended for high end customers that don’t care about how much they are spending on a holiday as long as they are having the time of their lives, others are quite affordable and suitable for the smart traveler who wants to enjoy comfort and modern amenities at a fair price.

If you have just started planning your Koh Samui holiday and you simply do not know what are the available prices and accommodations on the island, then relax. There’s nothing to worry about. This island is one of the best places to spend a tropical getaway. It has numerous accommodation offers at prices that range from $10 to $1,700 per night. Its hotels, resorts, villas, bungalows, condos and apartments are designed to offer the ultimate holiday experience and finding the right one for you is just a matter of time and comparison. There are endless sites online that host Koh Samui property offers for sale or rent.  The first step is to know how much you want to spend on accommodation and search for offers that match your budget.

You won’t believe how many hostels, bungalows, villas and apartments are available for rent with only $10-$50 per night. Most of these are very nice and comfortable accommodation units located on popular parts of the island that will represent your lush shelter after a busy day of tours, fun and water sports. Free parking, air conditioning and kitchen are just a few of the amenities available for free when booking one of these options.

For those who are looking for a more luxurious and spacious place for spending their exotic vacation, there is the alternative of renting a villa, hotel or resort room for $50-$150 per night. If you opt for one of these then you will enjoy easy beach access, infinity pools, panoramic views, free WiFi, free parking and even baby-sitting services.

At the upper end of the scale there are the 5 stars hotels, world class resorts and high end villas that provide extreme luxury and the most lavishing amenities and services you could dream of. Of course, these come at a very hefty price. For $150-$1,700 per night, you can book a room, suite or entire villa that will impress you with exclusive furniture, modern amenities, access to private gyms, spa centers, infinity pools, tennis courts and golf clubs.