IT Residence – Lamai

Koh Samui is more than just a series of endless beaches, beach bars and tropically themed restaurants. The growth of tourism here in the last decade has led to huge growth of every connected sector as well as a growth in the quality of life and purchasing power of the locals.

This means that Koh Samui doesn’t just offer one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sea, sun and culture of Thailand. It is also a truly alive community with a rich cultural and entertainment scene, boasting of fine dining restaurants and charming pubs and bars. A strong commercial sector has also led to a good mall presence so shopping is one of the new reasons to go to Koh Samui.

The IT Residence project developed by Premium Apartments offers a luxurious, top of the line series of apartments that cater to locals, tourist as well as people who are interested in the business opportunities that Koh Samui offers.

The project is being constructed over 6 buildings each three floors in height. The building takes full advantage of the site’s natural incline and follows the terrain’s lines beautifully, creating a building that stands out due to its design and decorative qualities, not due to its size.

Each apartment boasts a huge terrace as well as an individual spot in the 22 spaced car park. The terraces are large allowing owners and renters to enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful weather and the view without having to leave their apartments. The exterior of the buildings tries to create an elegant dynamic with the surrounding environment while also offering modern lines and an efficient layout. The proximity to all major commercial and entertainment outlets makes these apartments a good choice for people who want to save time on long commutes.

All interiors come with high quality fittings and decoration. Hardwood floors and natural stones are a given while the designers included high quality appliances as well as tasteful colors in order to make homes as efficient and functional as they are beautiful.

In order to give potential clients as much freedom and flexibility as possible, developers are selling apartments off plan in order to give them a larger choice of colors and finishings. The large spaces and proximity to the Lamai business sector doesn’t just make apartments in the IT Residence a great place to live, but also offers an interesting proposition for people, both local and foreign who are looking to start a business.