Chaweng Noi Residence

When it comes to residential properties in Koh Samui condos and villas are the most popular. They differ between each other in price and the level of privacy they offer. While a two or three bedroom condo can offer the same views, proximity to the beach and finishings as a luxury villa, at a far lower price, the villa boasts more space, larger rooms and a level of intimacy that can’t be beat.

A small number of projects however, try to mix the two, offering a high class living experience that can be found only in a luxury villa while also adding all the benefits of a condo. The Chaweng Noi Residence has managed to bring together all the benefits of a villa and apartment into a unique project that celebrates all the beauty that Koh Samui has to offer.
The location of the project is its first real success as it is located only 240 meters away from one of Koh Samui’s most beautiful beaches. The site is surrounded by a rich canopy which mainly includes coconut trees, adding to the intimacy while also creating a green pleasant distraction from the clear sunny skies. The site is located on a small cliff thus offering a much better view of the surrounding area and of the beautiful beach and crystal clear water located just a short walk away.

The project consists of only 11 apartments, all boasting the very highest levels of luxury, quality and functionality. The apartments all come with their own balcony and come fully furnished with top of the line designer items. The layout of the apartments is unusual, offering a sense of space and a unique, relaxed vibe throughout them. Residents will no doubt enjoy the almost panoramic views while the small number of apartments in the whole project ensures an unrivaled level of intimacy. All this at the cost of a usual Koh Samui apartment makes the Chaweng Noi Residence project a noteworthy example for future developers.

The site also comes with a beautiful swimming pool, well thought out gardens and private security. The two buildings which make out the residential project integrate perfectly into the site, offering a pleasant continuation of the natural landscape.

The apartments are situated a short drive away from the centers of Chaweng and Lamai, two of the busiest, most exciting and exuberant cities in Koh Samui. There you will find great restaurants, charming pubs and a fine entertainment and culture scene.

Oceana Residence

Koh Samui is one of the most active real estate markets in Thailand. While the island’s main source of income is tourism, economic growth along with better paying jobs have led to a growing demand of prime real estate from the local population as well.

The amazing cultural and entertainment scene in Koh Samui make it a great place to live, transforming what was a place destined strictly for vacation homes into a location where people can have a good quality of life all year round. The quality of the buildings have also increased in time with luxury condominiums as well as large modern villas being the most sought after properties on the market.

When it comes to koh samui condo for sale, few developers have managed to create a better product than Luxury Living through their Oceana Residence. This beautiful condominium located in the North Eastern part of Koh Samui in Plai Laem immediately makes an impression due to its striking modern design, amazing facilities and functionality.

The condominium is the second part of a larger project undertaken by Luxury Living. The first phase consisted of 11 beautiful villas which were sold out in a record breaking 16 days. The stunning Oceana condominium project is a new project by the same passionate team, giving them a chance to further improve their reputation, design and construction skills.

The condominium will be four stories high with a breathtaking rooftop swimming pool along with a terrace and relaxation area which gives new meaning to the terms luxurious and opulent. The relaxation area is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and truly take in the amazing view and beautiful surroundings the building has to offer. The upper level will also include an exercise area, making the building an ideal place to live a healthy and sustainable life without even having to leave your building.

If the swimming pool isn’t enough, a sunset oriented beach which boasts the classic white sand and clear waters of Koh Samui is located just 200 meters away from the condominium. Apartments will be one and two bedrooms as well as the deluxe penthouse versions. The interior decoration strives to provide timeless modern chic with a functional and elegant balance. Comfort is one of the main focuses of the Oceana design team so every detail strives to show a stunningly beautiful, luxurious product which also has a high quality efficiency to it.

Kandana Villas

Koh Samui is one of the best places in the world to experience a beach environment. The stunning white sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, numerous land and water based activities, shopping districts, legendary bars and clubs and luxury restaurants and resorts, all on top of the natural beauty of this Thai island create a unique package that tourists from across the world have grown to love.

The natural draw of the location is why a healthy real estate market has grown in the last years. Numerous constructions have sprung up, the most popular being luxury villas and condos. The tourist as well as local demand has grown, thus leading to more and more developments and some truly outstanding projects.

The following villa project is one of the most successful in terms of design in the island. It boasts some amazing conditions, perfect for tourists as well as locals. The project is located in the hills of Maenam, and offers stunning villas a stone’s throw away from the beach. The villas come with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms covering a good amount of potential buyers from singles to family units or couples. The site also offers some luxury amenities such as car ports, lush gardens and beautiful swimming pools for those that prefer them to the beach.

The site’s pool villas also offer stunning views over Koh Phangan and the immediate beach. They are ideal for people who want immediate access to the beach or that want to have a larger yard or garden area. The plots range from 500 to 700 square meters while the villas also range in size from 308 to 500 square meters.

The garden villas are a bit smaller although they offer a stunning view, particularly as the design of the project took advantage of the natural incline of the site. The garden villas also range in size with plots starting at 250 square meters while the villas themselves start from 127 meters.

The entire project boasts some beautiful lines, stunning modern influences and large windows to truly capture the essence of the stunning surroundings. The vast open spaces all villas have truly give a sense of freedom and privacy while connecting the residents to the nature and beautiful weather around them.

The finishings and furnishings are top of the line and have been chosen to mix a modern, stylish design with all the functional aspects of a home.